The great city of Portland, Oregon is such a fun place to spend an afternoon or a weekend! There are nearly endless options for food, coffee and entertainment that can keep you busy during your entire stay! Because I grew up just across the river from the big city, I have spent countless afternoons and evenings here, collecting some of the most iconic and local “must-knows” around the city & have compiled my top 10 list for you!

1. Stop for a coffee at one of the many coffee shops around the city. 

This is the Pacific Northwest, afterall and we do love our coffee around here! A couple of my favorite cafes are: Case Study Roasters or Coava Coffee (They have a few locations too!)

2. Walk along the river.

Strolling the boardwalk along the river is a peaceful way to enjoy both the city and nature. A huge, grassy park runs along the walkway as well, so it’s a great way to get some exercise or some fresh air. 

3. Peruse the Saturday Market. 

The market is only open on weekends from March through December, so plan your stay accordingly, because you don’t want to miss this one! It’s the largest continuously operated outdoor market in the United States. Stalls upon stalls of handmade, local goods, clothes, trinkets, snacks…a lot of cool stuff you would anticipate seeing at a market…and a lot of interesting things you might not even know existed. 

International food stalls line the far end of the market and are sprinkled throughout, so you won’t go hungry. Street performers playing music, doing magic tricks, dancing, or making art can all be seen at this market. 

4. Chow down at an authentic food truck.

There are several lots around Portland hosting groups of food trucks, serving all types of food. Some are just intended as snacks and some are full meals. International and local, you are sure to find something to make your mouth water! 

5. Sip cocktails at one of the many bars with outdoor seating.

The Pearl District is a great place to find these. There are so many to choose from, but I highly recommend: Two Wrongs for fun cocktails Or Life of Riley for Happy Hour deals.

6. Hike one of the many trails in Forest Park.

One of the largest urban reserves in the USA, this park spans over 5,000 acres and is loaded with 80 miles of trails for all skill levels.

7. Take the Aerial Tram to get views of the city.

Less than $6 per person for a round trip, makes this ride well worth it. Here is the link to the website where you can learn more! Hint: Although, I have them, the photo below is not from the top of the tram…I want to leave those views a surprise. <3

8. Grab dessert at Voodoo Doughnuts. 

This is a must-do when you’re in Portland. It’s a classic of the city and is well known all over the world. There are two locations in the city, but both are well stocked with bizarre decor and unusual doughnut names and shapes. 

9. Walk the city streets to check out historic old buildings

10. See a show!

Head over to one of the many theaters in the city to see what upcoming events they have. The Crystal Ballroom, or The Roseland Theater for smaller, typically more indie bands, Arlene Schnitzer Concert Hall, for more classical music or the Moda Center (aka. Rose Quarter), for bigger shows.

I hope you end up visiting Portland, Or. When you do, be sure to let me know by tagging me in your adventure pictures on Instagram! I can’t wait to see what you get up to in the city!

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