Essential travel gear for this year’s adventures!

Packing can feel like a daunting task if you go into it unprepared. I have been packing bags of all types for adventures of all kinds for as long as I can remember and I have learned exactly what every trip needs (and everything that can be left at home). I’ve put together a simple list of essential travel gear for this year’s adventures to ease the stress of packing, so you can focus more on the exciting parts of planning your next trip!

As a little girl, I remember mostly filling my own bags. My dad coined the phrase “you pack it, you pack it”, meaning if you decide to put it in your bag, you have to be the one to carry it during the journey. I think this was to keep himself from becoming the family pack mule, but it taught me a valuable lesson about sticking to the neccesities to avoid overpacking. Trust me, packing only the essentials will keep you from stress, frustration and pain later on.

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There are a TON of things to consider when selecting the right piece of luggage for you. In fact, I wrote an entire article on How to Choose the Perfet Luggage for your Next Journey. I prefer and encourage using a backpack over a suitcase and here are a few of my most trusted brands:

If you are a fan of the wheely bag, Delsey Paris makes durable, hard case suitcases. If you are on a shorter trip a nice duffel might be a good option. I use and love Kodiak Leather bags.

Whatever your large luggage, I also recommend a day pack like this one by Cotopaxi (a company that does a ton of charity work) or this one from Osprey (a non-toxic yet incredibly durable brand), as well as some sort of hip pack or small purse.

When looking for Essential Travel Gear for this year's adventures, luggage is an important start!

Still unsure about the bags you want to use?

No worries! I know it can be a tough decision, so I wrote an entire article breaking down how to choose the perfect luggage for your next journey!

Essential travel gear for this year’s adventures!


Of course, the climate you are adventuring to has a huge say in the types of clothes you will pack, but a few items I bring to nearly every continent are:

  • Sarong-These have so many uses! Towel, picnic mat, shawl, swimsuit cover, changing room, blanket…
  • Jacket. I recommend something lightweight but warm and with a hood.
  • Leggings
  • Travel Underwear
  • Hat. One that you won’t mind if it gets a little crushed.
  • Flowy Pants-Cool for hot days, keep the sun off your skin and good layers in colder weather.
  • Wool socks. Even for warm climates, they are great for chilly evenings or long hikes!

Pro tip: If you are bringing a sweatshirt to a warm climate “just in case”, pack one that you don’t mind parting with. This way, if you end up not needing it, you can leave it behind & free up some space in your pack.


It’s always difficult to decide on the perfect shoes to bring for each adventure, but there are some tried and true types I always go for! I always recommend bringing no more than 3 pairs of shoes.

Cheap flip flops for hostel showers or if you’re packing for Southeast Asia.

Plaka or Chacos are great options for durable sandals!

Lightweight hiking shoes for all your outdoor adventures.

Trainers that pack small and flat are necessary for gym & high walking days!

I always also bring a cute, but comfortable pair that can match with pants for roaming city streets or dresses for nights out. Of course, this pair is up to you because everyone’s style is different, but I recommend something lightweight that can pack down small or flatten easily.


Travel Essentials:

  • Paking cubes are an absolute must for organization in the backpack! I use them everytime I travel! Here are a few of my favorite types & deals:
  • Small Lock like this one for lockers and luggage.
  • Sewing kit-Always good to have on hand. I have used this while traveling more than you might think.
  • Deck of playing cards. These can come in handy on long layovers and are a great way to break the ice with locals or other travelers!
  • First aid kit and any prescription medications you may have.

Something I never travel without:

Travel Insurance! The hope is that you will never need to use it, but in the chance that you do, you will be thanking yourself a thousand times for being prepared. Travel insurance is an easy one to look over and forget about, as we never really plan for emergencies, but it can save you thousands if you do end up pullng from it.

I use (and love) SafetyWing for my travel insurance of choice. It’s a great budget option, you pay monthly (cancel anytime) as opposed to one lump sum and best of all, you can start it anytime, even after you have already started traveling!

Books I love to read while traveling:

No Return Ticket

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