Australia Packing List

Australia is a unique country and this Australia packing list reflects it. With weather patterns differing depending on the time of year and region, it seems like an easy country to overpack for (& trust me, it is easy to overpack!), but this simple packing list is here to take away the overwhelm and add excitement to the first stages of your adventure!

Australia Packing List

Don’t forget your sunnies!


The type of travel you are planning on doing will determine what type of luggage you bring. I am partial to the backpack because of its ease, but a lot of travelers prefer the aesthetic of a suitcase. Either can be good options for Australia.

A few trusted brands of backpacks are:

Delsey Paris is a durable brand of wheely bags and Kodiak leather is my favorite brand for duffels.

Other types of bags I reccommend: a day pack for picnics or day hikes and Kodama sling bag for everyday use.

Still not sure about which types of bags you want to bring? I wrote an in-depth article to help with that:


Of course they type of adventure you are planning on having in Aus will have a bit to say about what clothes you pack: if you will be treking the National parks, bring hiking pants. If you’re planning on sticking to the city, bring nicer outfits. But overall, Australia puts a fairly high emphasis on style and you will stand out if you pack the same way you would for Southeast Asia. (If that destination is on your list, check out my Southeast Asia Packing List)




  • Swimsuit
  • Beach coverup Don’t skip this! You will need protection from the sun on the beach.
  • Sun hat <I like this one because it’s cute and foldable, so it won’t get crushed in your bag!
  • Short dress
  • Long dress


  • Good quality flip flops. (Aussies call them “thongs”)
  • Good walking shoes for exploring towns
  • Hiking shoes (only if you plan on serious bush trekking in the mountains)
  • Cute sandals. (Or nice closed-toe shoes if you plan on attending horse races)


If you have any rare or specialty brands, of course bring those, but if not, you will likely be able to find anything you need in Australia. There are “chemists” in nearly every town with all the toiletries you can find at home.

A few items that are expensive or only come in limited options in Australia are deoderant and make-up. I suggest bringing a full sized options of these rather than travel sized.


If Australia has one thing, it’s beautiful wildlife. This category is not one to be skimped on if you want to capture the best of your experiences down under!

Hello underwater action shots!

My lightweight & easy-to-use laptop.

The exact camera I use & love!

Drone for amazing coastline videos.

DON’T FORGET the chargers for all of these electronics too!

Australia Packing List Essentials:

A few “silly” items I always pack with me (trust me, they won’t be silly when they get you out of a pinch):

Australia Packing List takeaways:

1 You will be able to find and buy just about anything you need while in Australia, so no need to stress or overpack.

2 Australia is expensive, so be prepared to spend some money on things you may have forgotten or need to restock up on along the way.

3 Good quality electronics are ideal for Australia! Theft isn’t a huge issue, so you don’t have to worry about flashing expensive items, the restrictions on flying drones are minimal and good quality lenses are key to picking up the colors of nature.

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