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England is, in my opinion, such an underrated country! Once you get past the idea that it will likely be raining at some point during your trip, the appreciation for the rolling countryside and hidden historical significance will only grow. With a big pub culture, vibrant nightlife, historical sights, nature treks, small towns and even Harry Potter world, there is sure to be something you love about England.

I have been a few times already (with family, on a girls trip, and solo) and am itching to go back (with my fiance this time)!

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Wandering the streets of England is one of the best ways to experience the country.


Language: English

Money: Pound Sterling (STG) a.k.a. Great British Pound (GBP)

Conversion rate: 1USD = 0.81 STG (as of April 2023)

Tipping: Tipping is voluntary and 10% will suffice. Check the bill to find out if it’s already been added to the total

Outlets: Plug type G. 230V. You will need a travel adapter.

People: Friendly people. Don’t be offput by their brash humor or straight forward comments.

Safety: I have never felt unsafe in England. However, like every big city, there are dangerous places. Use your best judgement & avoid dark areas at night.

Water: The tap water is safe to drink (although might not taste 100% fresh).

Emergency #: 999

Seasons of England

Seasons of England:

England has four distinct seasons, though it’s not unusual to experience them all in one day, anytime of the year. No bad weather, just bad outfits, right? Remember to pack a nice rain jacket, and a sundress just in case.

Winter- December, January, February. Expect icy temperatures and pack warm clothes!

Spring- March, April, May. Still a lot of rainfall, with some brighter days.

Summer- June, July, August. Hottest season, so be ready for long, sunny days. But don’t be surprised if you catch a thunderstorm or two.

Autumn- September, October, November. A transition season from warm and dry to cold and wet.

Things to do:

How to spend a weekend in London

Check out London. Of course you have to see this international city! Take a walking tour, see different areas of the city & experience the nightlife. If you only have a short time, discover how to spend a weekend in London.

Explore the countryside and historical sites. The city is fun, but getting outside of it can create some unforgettable memories. Stonehenge, castles and more!

Have high tea. This is a British experience like no other! It’s a cultural experience, dating back centuries and it’s fun to get a little fancy and treat yourself!

Eat at a local pub. This might sound like a no-brainer (of course, you have to eat), but finding a hole-in-the-wall pub and ordering bangers and a pint is a great way to top off your day!

General Costs:


Food: Buying groceries & cooking is cheapest, but food carts have cheap options around $8-$12usd.

Accommodation: Hostels start around $25. Couchsurfing is avaialble.

Transportation: Walking is free. Public bus and metro (“the tube”) are free to a few dollars per ride.

Activities: Parks, meeting people and museums are free!

Mid Range

Food: Family & chain restaurants have plates around $20usd each.

Accommodation: Traditional B&Bs and Airbnb are both reasonable options.

Transportation: Intercity trains and busses are reliable and affordable. Prices depend on the trip length.

Activities: Single day excursions start around $50. London eye=$45, Ghost tours=$30, Stonehenge =$23usd.

High End

Food: Michelin star restaurants. I’ll say no more.

Accommodation: High class hotels start from $200 to thousands per night.

Transportation: Renting a car allows for more freedom to explore. Or Booking a tour which includes transportation.

Activities: Multi-day tours start in the hundreds and go up to thousands.

What to pack for your trip to England

What to pack:

Although I dont have enough space for an entire packing list here, I will leave you with a few items that I have used everytime I have been in England. (Check back for a full packing list!)

Be sure to sit at some of the oldest pubs in England!

Insider tips:

1 England isn’t the cheapest of countries to visit, but with a bit of creativity, you can most definitely explore it on a budget! Groceries and cooking at your accomodation will save you a lot.

2 Take the train! Trains in England are cost effective and effecient. It’s a great way to get around the cities (on the “tube”) or see the country side on a longer journey. Always remember to “mind the gap”! 😉

3 If you’re a coffee lover, like me, you will, likely very easily, be able to find a cute cafe. BUT keep in mind that afternoon tea is a much more common part of their culture, and is definitely not an experience you want to miss.

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