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Hey, I’m Rachel,

founder of The Nomadic Naturalist and I am so excited that you are here!

After traveling extensively, following my curiosity and the wind, I have discovered more about travel and the world than I ever could have imagined. I’m here to share those findings with you!

I don’t have a big, revolutionary story to tell about how I studied for years to work in a cubicle from 9-5 that I learned to hate. Or about how I had to hit rock bottom to realize I needed to find myself overseas. All I have is my own story and as simple as it may be, I hope it will encourage you, a fellow normal person to experience the world and live to your full potential.

You see, my parents hauled me around the United States and Central America as a small child and by the time I could carry my own backpack, I was absolutely hooked.

PS. No, we weren’t rich, we just found the #1 key to travel!

At about 6 years old, I remember carrying my own pack off a small charter boat onto a tiny island off the coast of Belize. My eyes were wide and full of wonder, my hand in my father’s, and at that moment I realized this is what I wanted to do for the rest of my life. From then on, I made travel a priority and all through my teens I saved every penny to put towards world exploration.

A few years before I graduated high school, my parents came up with a plan to take a year long, round-the-world trip, and I couldn’t help but tag along. We visited over 20 countries on that trip and budgeted so well, we were able to push it out past the one year mark! My parents stayed on the road for 2 years & encouraged me to get back out there any chance I could get.

If you are curious about Washington State, where I grew up, check out this stunning adventure there!

Since then I have taken non-travelers across the globe, gone on shorter trips, visited and lived with friends in foreign places and explored countries solo on long-term adventures. The more I travel, the more I learn and the more inspired I become. Now, I have become SO excited to teach you, not just general tips, but HOW to travel. Although I am not a tour guide or travel agent, I am a travel expert and am here to walk you through every step of the adventure that is the life of a nomad!

No Return Ticket


If you’re interested in learning more about the adventures I had with my parents on my first round-the-world trip, check out this memoir about our travels!

The Nomadic Naturalist

. . . is the community you need to uplift, encourage, and inspire your natural lifestyle and adventurous soul!

We (you included) are a collective of adventurers, naturalists, and Earth warriors. We believe in the power of connection with all living things and are inspired by the beauty that surrounds us.

          Some may call us hippies, crunchy, or “woo woo”, but all we are is a group of ordinary humans that seek out the extraordinary of our planet. 

The Nomadic Naturalist in WA

    I have created this space for you to use as a tool for discovery, growth, encouragement and education. To get inspired to explore the globe, discover a newfound respect for nature, gain a curiosity for other cultures and most of all, learn to travel the world with confidence. 

Through one-on-one calls, courses, blog posts and e-books, I am here to teach you all that I know about sustainable and attainable travel.

Your journey awaits! 

So, why follow MY blog?

After 43 countries (and counting) my wanderlust is still raging and my desire to help others explore the world in a sustainable way is burning stronger than ever.

Through years of real life experience traveling with family, friends, partners, and solo, years of overpacking and underplanning, years of budget travel and navigating foreign places with foreign languages, years of trial and error, getting it right and wrong, learning from my mistakes and wins, I will say with confidence that I can encourage and educate you on the best ways to make your next trip a success!

The information that I have gathered from a lifetime of international travel and countless hours of research has become invaluable. So much so, that I can’t keep it to myself. I want nothing more than to help a fellow traveler and “average” person explore this world, learn about other cultures, and experience ways of life vastly different than their own. 

The Nomadic Naturalist on the coast in Aus.

I help people realize that travel can be attainable, and doesn’t require a trust fund or lottery winning. I know I can help you meet your travel goals, dream bigger, and get inspired to see more of this beautiful marble we call Earth. 

Let me help you live the nomad life!

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