Money Making Courses:

I see a lot of people with an interest in making money online so they can continue to travel the world, just like I do. These are the top two courses that I recommend anyone check out! They have been my starting place & the MOST impactful for my online income education and skillset.

Simply Passive Online Course recommended by the Nomadic Naturalist to start your online business & earn an income online.

Simply Passive – This course is the most comprehensive, easy-to-absorb class I have ever taken (& believe me, I’ve taken a lot!) This is the perfect course for you if you are just starting out, are intested in digital marketing (it’s easier than it sounds!) or want to use Instagram to leverage your online biz & make money in your sleep.

15-Day Challenge – Learn affiliate marketing (don’t be intimidated, it’s fun!) and gain the confidence and know-how of how to start your online money making journey in just 2 weeks! This is the course that solidified the high-income skill I utilize to bring in income everyday!

Travel courses are being curated specifically for explorers like you, right now! If you’re interested in learning more about them, DM me on Instagram or check this page again soon for updates!

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