What does it mean to live like a “hippie”?

In the 70’s being a hippie meant floating from festival to festival with hair flowing as loosely as the tie-dyed clothes, high on any number of stimulants, with the occasional jumping in front of bulldozers to save the forest.  Although there is nothing wrong with this lifestyle if it’s the one for you, the term “hippie” has evolved into so much more. 

With no less passion than those of the 70’s, I believe in a few solid foundations that make us “hippies” who we are.  

We believe in…

🌠 accepting everyone for who they are and appreciating where they truly are in life. 

🌏 doing our best in our daily lives to better the planet.

🟰 true equality.

🌱 ridding ourselves of toxins (of all kinds) and finding healthier alternatives.

🌠 all things happening for a reason.

🌎 discovering the world as it is, not how we think it should be.

❤ respect, love, and all around kindness for all beings.

🌟 learning, growing and evolving, and that making mistakes is part of learning.

🌍 travel. Near and far. 

🧠 keeping an open mind when we experience new cultures and lifestyles. 

🫶 sharing our skillsets in order to build community.

☯ balance of all things.

🤝 doing what we can do to maintain a spirit of community.

💫 holistic health. 

✌causing a positive ripple effect everywhere we go.

We believe that exploration and experience is the best way to learn.

…And that if every person can get on board with these desires, the world will become a better place.

What are some core “hippie-esque” beliefs that you live by? 

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