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Melbournians love to tell foreigners that every café in Melbourne has free wifi, but as someone who works remotely and needs a strong internet connection, I will tell you their claim is simply not true. In fact, more times than not, I was turned down when I asked for wifi at a coffee shop in the city and nearby suburbs. But through my month-long search, I’m happy to say: I have found some Coffee shops with free wifi in Melbourne!

So whether you too, need a good connection to get some work done, you don’t have a sim card to give you internet for research or maps, or you simply want to get caught up on social media, I can point you in the right direction to a few great cafes around the city that have good sips and good internet.

Menu lingo:

First, let me get you caught up on the menu items. They might look a little different to home.

-Long Mac=double shot
-Short Mac=single shot
+Long black=Americano
+Magic=Made up by Melbournians, this “must try drink” is basically a latte that’s only 3/4 full, which gives you a little less milk and a little stronger espresso taste.

Now that you understand some of the lingo, let me tell you about the best places to pop into for a work sesh.

Cafes in Melbourne with Wifi:

St. Kilda is my favorite suburb of Melbourne (Read more about why in this post) and one of the many reasons is because of the amazing coffee shops!

Hannah– Although not a long walk from main streets, this stop feels a bit out of the way. Once you get to it though, it’s worth staying a while. It has a lot of plants, chill music and a good work environment. The coffee is good, the staff are nice and the artwork is beautiful (and ever-changing)!

Free wifi in melbourne at Hide & cheek

Hide & Cheek-A seemingly hole-in-the-wall place with very friendly staff. They also have a long list of healthy smoothie options, lots of food and great coffee. You can sit at the window or a bit further back for more privacy to zone in.

The Studio Beans. A small corner café, it’s geared toward to-go orders. It does, however have a few seats along a bar at the window. The wifi is good, but if it’s crowded the connection can get a little slow, so its better to keep moving. If the place is empty, take a seat and listen to the regulars come in to chat.

If you are staying right in the middle of the city, you have a few good options as well. There are many more coffee shops to stop at, but these are some of the best for great wifi.

Mr. Tulk. Great location as it is very central. Near the main metro and tram stops, Melbourne central mall and Victoria Library. Being completely honest here, the avo toast is not worth the high price, but the fresh juice options are drool worthy and the coffee is good.

Bonus option: Victoria Library. While Mr. Tulk is attached to the Library, this little stand is located just inside the side doors of it. It’s just a small stand, but as you can’t take food or drinks into the library proper, it offers seating off all kinds with outlets to boot. The free library wifi works well here.

Although it's to-go only, this is a good spot to find free wifi in Melbourne

Time Out Fed Square-If you don’t like the idea of being restricted to four walls, this option allows for outdoor seating right in the square, or better yet, grab a coffee to-go (in your reusable bamboo cups!) and sit on the steps to people watch and become a part of the excitement while you get some work done. The free wifi in this Melbourne square holds up.

Brick Lane-Tucked away in a beautiful, planted alley called Guildford Lane, this place is a treat from the moment you turn onto the street. The menu changes with seasons, but the coffee remains delish! Grab a seat at the window bar to people watch.

Adorable cafe with free wifi in Melbourne

Back outside of the CBD, you can find Fitzroy. This is one of the funkiest suburbs of Melbourne and attracts all types of characters. A great area to explore unique shops, restaurants, and cafes.

Faradays cage-Like the rest of the suburb, this place has some interesting charm to it. The wifi is good the coffee is great and the seating options are fun. My best tip is to plan to eat before you start working…the brekkie options are some of the best, and the presentation won’t disappoint!

One of the most unique spots with free wifi in Melbourne


1 Double check for an outlet before you find your seat. They can be sparse.

2 Adding honey or sugar is usually free, alternative milk is a small charge.

3 There are 2 sizes: Regular & Large. These typically cost $4.5 and $5/5.50 aud respectively. Most locals just order a regular, but if you are coming from the US, a regular may look more like a kids size to you. ? (Maybe that’s just my coffee fiend showing)

4 Most coffee shops close between 2ish & 5ish. Don’t expect to find much open during those hours.

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