This is such an underrated Oregon beach town. I’m surprised more people aren’t talking about it and flocking to it. A perfect summer getaway for a solo trip, girls weekend, or adventure with your partner. it’s a choose-your-own-adventure kind of town in that there are so many options for activities; relaxation, adventure, nature, and history.

Your complete guide to exploring Cannon Beach, Oregon:

To do in Cannon Beach

Visit the beach-Naturally, this will be a part of your time spent here and nearly every road has beach access of some sort at the end of it. Fires are allowed on the sand, so it’s a great spot to bring some chairs, friends, drinks and enjoy the evening. Sunsets can be incredible here due to the cloud coverage and the views of Haystack Rock are stunning no matter the time of day!

Shopping-The main area of town (okay, it’s two streets) is lined with boutique shops where you can find deals on everything from clothing, jewlery & household decor to handmade goods & treats! It’s a great way to support local businesses and artists! Speaking of local artists…

Art galleries come in abundance here! In fact there are more than a dozen to explore! Some are just displaying their works and offering custom prints and framing and others have sales on their work and offer art classes! All are worth stopping in and supporting!

Grab a coffee- This is the Pacific Northwest afterall, so no town would be complete without atleast a few coffee shops. Cannon Beach is certainly no exception! My favorite is The Sleepy Monk, but that’s not to discredit the others in town!

Get boozy– Multiple wine shops, a distillery and tree brew pubs lend ample opportunity to enjoy your evening to the fullest!

Go surfing- Indian Beach is a great spot to catch a few waves. Keep in mind that the water is COLD, so if you need to rent or buy gear and a board, Cleanline Surf Shop is a great place to stop before you hit the beach.

Just outside of Cannon Beach

Arcadia Beach-This is a great spot for a picnic. Has some steep beach access points, but is just off the main road heading out of town to the South.

Hug Point-Just a bit further there is another pull off spot. This one has a full parking lot and a wide beach access spot. More accessible for families. Hug Point also has picnic tables if you are stopping for lunch before or after exploring the beach.

Cape Falcon Trail-Nearly 4.5 mile in and out hike with rewarding views of the sea and rocky cliffs below. There are some steep parts of the trail and many protruding roots. Our hiking boots were perfect for this (approximately) 2 hour long trail hike.

Me on the Cape Falcon hike

Cannon Beach date day:

Heading to the coast with your love? This is such a great town to stop in for the day or weekend!

Start your morning off with coffee at The Sleepy Monk.

Morning beach stroll. Be on the lookout for Sand dollars, crabs, and other sea life. Seagulls and pelicans are likely to make an appearance too!

Cannon Beach morning stroll views

Breakfast bagels at Seashore Bagels. Note: Seashore is only open on weekends, so if you are in town on a weekday, Cannon Beach Bakery is a great option for a light breakfast!

Meander the town, visiting the above mentioned shops, boutiques, art galleries and historical museum. Maybe grab some souvineirs or swing into the Chocolate Cafe for a sweet treat!

Exploring main street, Cannon Beach, Oregon

Stop by the market in town to grab some picnic lunch items and pack up for your hike, or swing by one of the many restaurants (I highly recommend the pork tacos at Smokehouse) for a hearty lunch before heading into the woods.

View from a hiking trail just outside of Cannon Beach, Oregon

There are many coastal hikes to choose from, but I suggest either Cape Falcon Trail (it’s only about a 10 minute drive to the South) or head the opposite direction and hit up Ecola State park. This park alone has a plethora of trails to choose from and you will not be dissapointed!

Back to the beach (it is the main attraction afterall) to look out towards haystack rock. From April to August Puffins nest on the rock and if you’re lucky you can catch them flying around it or settling in. This is one of the only places in the world that Puffins nest, so it’s worth looking out for! Bonus points if you brought binoculars. To learn more about this and the conservation efforts of Cannon Beach check out the Friends of Haystack Rock website:

After watching the sun sink into the sea and illuminate the sky, head back into town for dinner & drinks. Pizza is a good option here, or one of the breweries if you passed them up at lunchtime. (There is a Cannabis shop in town called Oregrown if that’s more your style. Note that they close at 6, so plan ahead)

If you’re there for the weekend, head back to your accommodation to let the amazing day sink in. Tomorrow will be a great day to test your ability surfing the waves, or for a more relaxing time, hit up Cannon Beach Spa for a foot soak, facial or couples massage!

Where to stay

There are soooo many options of places to stay in Cannon Beach. Free options (if you’re feeling adventurous) include camping on the beach or in the woods nearby or sleeping in your car or camper. Airbnbs run wild here and offer everything from one bedroom cottages to multi-room family stays.

There are many local bed & breakfasts that range in price from $75 to $250 per night. As well as a few larger hotels running closer to $300+ per night.

Hidden Gems I personally recommend:

The Water Witch shop. Tucked away behind other shops, you will find this one in a courtyard. It’s filled with trinkets like crystals, glasses with fun sayings and books covering spiritual topics. Be sure to say hi to Bird, the shop’s South American Kike Parrot.

Neighborhoods. This may sound silly, but just roaming the neighborhoods around town can be a treat in itself. Seeing the abundance of flower gardens, and seaside decor can be an inspiration. Please remain respectful and aware that these are people’s homes-don’t enter the properties or pick the flowers.

Spoon Chocolate. When you stop into the Chocolate Café, try a Spoon Chocolate and thank me later.

Historical buildings. Keep your eyes open for small plaques around town for descriptions of the historical places.

Insider tips:

1 There is free parking all over on the streets. Check signs before you park in a lot though, quite a few of the businesses have these spots reserved.

2 There are a few public restrooms around town. They are marked with giant “Restroom” signs and are kept very clean, as far as public beach restrooms go.

3 When planning your trip, double check that the businesses that you don’t want to miss will be open. Some shops are closed on Wednesdays & Thursdays, and some are only open on weekends.

There's always more to explore: